KNS Art Expo Term 3

Our school did an amazing job at creating art work for our very own art expo. all pieces were absolutely beautiful. We were very proud!

Talent Quest Term 3

We were extremely proud to see the talent quest finalists perform on the last day of term 3. They all showed unique talent and such bravery to perform in front of the whole school.

Congrats to our participants...

Lilly Malcolm & Nexii Thompson

Olive Malcolm

Danni Cooke and Toby

Hazel Heriott

Brooke Dear

Power Dance Crew

Maddi Frampton, Brydie Heriott, Emily Dutton, Layla Friedauer, Bella Lange, Samantha Sharpe

Ella Van Meer & Amber Brownlee

Matilda Sleeman, Aisha Shaw & Ava Watson

Temperance Hoglund & Billie-Jo Stenhouse

Zoe Sole

Zeke Malcolm

And a special shout out to...
Hazel - Raupo winner Danni - Akeake winner Brooke - Hinau winner Ella and Amber - Tōtara winners and Zeke out overall winner

Yr 5/6 and 7/8 Hip Hop Groups

Well done to our very talented hip hop groups who both took out placings at the Canterbury Schools Competition. Our year 7/8 group came 1st and our year 5/6 group came 2nd! A huge thanks to Michelle Emery for her work with these groups.

End of Term 2 Jump Jam Competition

Each hub put forward a group  of students to perform one jump jam song to the school. We had such great participation from every age group. We will announce the winning house group at the start of term 3!

J Rock 2017

J Rock 2017 was an amazing experience for our students and teachers. We were one of two j rock schools performing on the Friday night and we really stood out! Our students were given five awards which made us all feel very proud. Go KNS! Check out the photos below.